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Please use the Links below to take you through the site to several micro sites. This website has been created by the parish council and is updated regularly. Any comments about the website or suggestions for possible inclusion should be directed to the Parish Clerk. Should anything be omitted or any errors or links not working properly please let the Parish Clerk know by email. We will endeavour to put things right without too much delay. 


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Planning and Development Update April 2017 – There have been two significant developments submitted to Canterbury City Council recently – one for land adjacent to the old Thanet Way at Whitstable (developer Gladman developments) and one for Grasmere Pasture, off The Ridgeway (developer Kitewood Homes). We appreciate that neither of them is actually in the parish but both would affect our parish and our residents. 

  1. The Gladman development: CA/16/02971/OUT – Outline planning application, Land at Grasmere Road, Whitstable – Outline application for the erection of up to 170 dwellings with public open space, landscaping and sustainable drainage system including access from South Street and Grasmere Road. We objected to this application – And Canterbury City Council REFUSED it on 4 April 2017. (It may of course go to Appeal.)

2. For Grasmere Pasture, we, along with very active local residents and residents groups incuding the Grasmere Village Residents Association, have all consistently objected to it being developed – we objected to it being considered for inclusion in the city council’s Canterbury District Local Plan and were dismayed when it was chosen as one of the strategic sites for housing development. An Outline application has been submitted as follows: CA/17/00469/OUT – Grasmere Gardens, Land South of The Ridgeway: Outline application for 300 dwellings, 3,500 sqm of employment space;   a community hub to include shops, financial services, food and drink outlets; non-residential institutions to include clinics, health centre, crèche, nursery and day centre; a cafe/restaurant/bar;  7.16ha of open space and play facilities and associated car parking and landscaping.  Chestfield Parish Council has objected on the following grounds: Foul drainage capacity; Surface water issues; Access, emergency access and speeding traffic; Transportation, public transport and parking; Future Maintenance of Open Space; Primary Education/ Innovation Centre, Nursery, Cafe and Shops Parking arrangements. Read the full objection letter hereThe decision by Canterbury City Council on whether to approve it or not is awaited. We will of course let you know.

Notices – if you would like to insert a notice about a Chestfield based organisation please contact the Parish Clerk at clerk@chestfieldparishcouncil.gov.uk

If you have any comments, complaints or compliments about the parish council we have a form for your feedback here

Chestfield Village Survey and Action Plan –  For information, View the 2006 Parish Plan and the 2006 actions Plan here….  We wanted to update this and undertook a 2016 Village Survey with all households: See an initial presentation of figures…. (January 2017) Also see a full writeup of the survey here (This takes the form of an excel spreadsheet – move across the tabs at the bottom to move between the numerical questions and the ‘open’ narrative questions… this spreadsheet this has all our residents’ comments incorporated on it. ) Our Action Plan is emerging and being worked on based on feedback received, and will be published shortly. An initial “areas for action document” has been created for you to read. This Areas for Action Document is divided into broad ‘themes’ as follows, but some actions overlap so are placed in what is felt the most appropriate table: (1) Planning and development – major and minor – and householder improvements – and including flooding (2) Environment (3) Highways, Parking, Traffic and Pedestrian items, including street pavements (4) Footpaths and Public Rights of Way paths through the village (5) Community spirit / feeling connected (6) Communications, Parish Magazine, Website and noticeboards (7) Health and leisure and Facilities (8) The Single Most Thing to change in the village (9) One Thing that should be the same in 5 years’ time ( 10) All Other comments and (11) Feedback to residents. Contact the Clerk for any questions and more information where available.

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Chestfield History web site – visit http://chestfield.weebly.com/

Standing orders are the written rules of a local council. They are used to confirm a council’s internal organisational, administrative and procurement procedures and procedural matters for meetings. Chestfield Parish Council current adopted Standing Orders and Financial Regulations  (latest version adopted September 2017)

The Register of Parish Councillors’ Declared Interests can be viewed at the following web address on Canterbury City Council’s website (you will have to cut and paste this in your browser): https://www2.canterbury.gov.uk/your-community/working-with-voluntary-and-community-organisations/parishes/register-of-parish-councillors-interests/

Financial information:

For year ending 31 March 2017: Section 1 Governance Statement; Section 2 Accounting Statements, and Section 4 Internal Audit The accounts have now been concluded. Notice of Conclusion of Audit

For year ending 31 March 2016: NOTICE OF PUBLIC RIGHTS AND PUBLICATION OF Notice of Conclusion of audit for year ended 31 March 2016