Chestfield History Society interview with Len Claisse

We were saddened to learn of former parish councillor and Chairman, Len Claisse’s death on 29 March 2020. Len was almost 90 when he stood down from the Council. He was 93 when this interview was made in 2019. He had great respect from all who worked with him. He was awarded the Neighbourhood Watch Turner Prize. Chestfield […]

Minutes 2020

Minutes of 2020 parish council meetings are published here. The parish council usually meets bi-monthly. Minutes of the virtual meeting held 28 June 2020 Minutes of meeting held 09 March 2020 Minutes of meeting held 13 January 2020

Minutes 2019

Minutes of 2019 parish council meetings are published here. The parish council meets bi-monthly. Minutes of meeting 11 November 2019 Minutes of meeting 14 October 2019 Minutes of meeting 09 September 2019 Minutes of meeting 08 July 2019 Minutes of meeting 13 May 2019 Minutes of the Annual Electors Meeting held 25 March 2019 – […]

Minutes 1988 – the year the parish council was created

To celebrate our 30th birthday the parish council has obtained a copy of the very first parish council meeting Minutes – held on 26 April 1988. See the scanned document here – Page 1 and Page 2. Together with the first Annual Parish Meeting for the Electors held the same night.  See the scanned document […]