Development proposal land at the back of Maydowns Road

Eton College own a strip of land at the back of Maydowns Road between Maydowns Road and the Old Thanet Way (also known as land at Bodkin Farm). They  held an exhibition in May 2014 to present their proposal for 300 plus homes plus other add-ons. View their Master Plan and exhibition A boards here. And the Clerk report of the exhibition also – however changes have been made to their proposals since then. 12 June 2014 – an Eton College flyer to residents here

In June 2014 Eton College submitted an Outline Planning Application to Canterbury City Council (the planning authority) for the following:

CA//14/01319/OUT – Land at Bodkin Farm, Thanet Way, Chestfield, CT5 3JD

Outline application for a mixed used development comprising up to 290 dwellings (Use Class C3), primary school (Use Class D1), restaurant (Use Class A3), office building (Use Class B1), community building (Use Class D1/D2), gym/fitness centre (Use Class D2), 24 unit care home (use Class C2), convenience shop (Use Class A1), clubhouse/changing room building (Use Class D2) and 18.81 ha of parks, amenity greenspace, children's play areas, playing fields, allotments and community woodland and associated access, infrastructure, landscaping and cycle/footways. All matters except Access and Scale are reserved)

You can view the planning application on CCC’s portal:;jsessionid=F90E53CF8FEC9F3D6843553C3BFFEA2B?action=firstPage 

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Read the parish council response and the logistics map from the link at the top of this website's home page.

At the development management meeting held on 11 November 2014 Canterbury City Council voted 10-0 to refuse the application. However, Eton College have already lodged an Appeal with the Inspectorate. To view their Appeal case and the covering letter follow the links on this website home page, and also access the parish council's further response to the Appeal. It is anticipated that the Appeal will last for 8 days and be scheduled from 18 August 2015 starting at 10am in The Guildhall, Canterbury.