Things in action to keep Chestfield looking tidy;


  • The Store Manager at Sainsbury's. has said that they are going to install a gate at the top of the steps by the Rugby Ground 
    This will enable them to gain access to the area behind the wire fence adjacent to the footpath. 
    In doing so they can then remove all litter and plastic bags from this area. 
    Also it was agreed that they would do a daily litter pick along the footpath by the Rugby Grounds.
  • McDonalds still do a litter pick on a daily basis. 
    If for any reason this does not take place, or if there are litter problems, please let the parish council clerk know and she will contact the relevant managers and report it. 
    They are usually very co-operative. Our thanks to them for this
  • It would be nice to see more people using the litter bins at the Bus Stop by Maydowns Road and by the Woman's Institute, instead of throwing their litter on the grass verges along Chestfield Road. We are trying very hard to keep our village litter free,  but it needs all the Parishioners, both senior and younger to to help us achieve this.
  • Several Dog Bins have now been installed around the village. But still dog walkers are allowing their dogs to fowl in public area's. With the weather slowly getting warmer, the Play area's will once again be in use. Please think about the young children and do not allow your dog to foul in these areas. 
    We now have a good number of dog bins in the village so please make use of these…..Thank You 


The Parish Council has received complaints about the dumping of rubbish in the ditch system in Chestfield, particularly the open ditch and culvert running from Molehill Road, The Drove, and across fields to Maydowns Road. This is causing problems to residents at the northern end of the village.
We must remind you that it is the duty of riparian owners, under the Land Drainage Act, to keep your own section of the drainage system clear, and also not to dump rubbish in the system, which will cause problems to those further down stream. Those who act in such an unneighbourly fashion can be prosecuted.
Please can we ask you to remember your own legal responsibility – and also be a good neighbour to others?