Grants awards from the parish council

Chestfield Parish Council sets aside a limited amount in its budget each year to allow donations to local organisations. The contribution made by organisations to the wellbeing of the community is recognised by the Parish Council as important to our society. The purpose of any grant or subsidy given by the Council is to support initiatives in the local community and to help create opportunities for residents of Chestfield that are not, as a matter of course, funded by the Council.

Eligibility criteria:

Grants cannot be made retrospectively and an application must be made in advance of the project commencing. Awards may be for start-up initiatives for new organisations/projects as well as grants for existing organisations. Applications will be considered for day-to-day running expenses and individual projects.

Grants awarded must be:

–       To benefit Chestfield and its residents – and the application should demonstrate clearly how the grant will help and how many people will benefit

–       For a specific purpose and which is not directly controlled or administered by the council.

–       Not for an individual

–       Not for religious or political purposes

–       Not for private organisations operated as a business to make a profit or surplus

The Grant Giving Policy

The Application Form – If you need any help please do contact the Clerk for advice and assistance!

Copy of the Funding Agreement (for successful awards)

Other external support

Newsletters – KCC’s External Funding unit produce a regular free electronic newsletter – “Inside Track”, as well as a series of factsheets.  Keep up-to-date with the latest funding intelligence with “Inside Track”. It features articles and the latest news from all major funders. KCC’s fact sheets give useful advice and information on how to prepare and write bids for funding to the government and other agencies is contained in KCC factsheets.

To receive a free copy of Inside Track join the mailing list by contacting KCC, External funding, Sessions House, County Hall, Maidstone, ME14 1XQ or calling 01622 694384.

Web-based Grant search facility – A new FREE web-based grant search facility was set up in January 2006 – detailing over 2000 funding schemes in Kent, including Government funding, Lottery funding, Local support and Charitable trust funding. Search at: – For further details contact KCC’s External funding team at the address above or telephone 01622 694055.