Parish Council meeting dates


Pre-coronavirus pandemic:

Meetings of the Parish Council take place bi-monthly at the W I Hall, Chestfield Road, and commence at 7.30 p.m. There is always an adjournment during meetings, to enable residents present to ask questions or request information. See below for more information.

We do hold a surgery for residents every month (except August):  

Councillor surgeries for residents – if you prefer, you may want to speak informally to a parish councillor? Chestfield Parish Council has ‘councillor surgeries’ for residents just prior to the regular parish council meetings. Come along informally between 6.30pm and 7.30pm to the WI hall in Chestfield Road to voice any concerns or give any comments to a councillor

Dates of future Chestfield Parish Council meetings therefore:  these are convened virtually using Zoom as and when required.

Dates of surgeries for residents: from 6.30pm – 7.30pm. Regretfully these are not being offered currently due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Chestfield Parish Council Terms of Reference / Guidelines for Members of the Public participating in Chestfield Parish Council Meetings, either through public participation /adjournment / question time or through filming the relevant parts of the meeting:

 Participation during the adjournment

There is an adjournment early in the meeting for parishioners’ questions and comments. This is the only opportunity during the meeting for residents to speak.

If you wish to speak – You are invited to give your details to the Clerk before the meeting. This may ensure everyone gets an opportunity to ask the question they want to during the allocated time, and allow the Chairman of the meeting to ensure all questions receive the time needed to be dealt with, and by giving your details, this will allow us to get back to you should we need to.

The adjournment is not part of the meeting of the parish council.

As the adjournment is outside of the actual meeting, any question, comment or representation made by any member of the public does not have to be included in the Minutes. However, a brief summary may be included at the Minute taker’s discretion and the member of the public contributing is not normally mentioned by name.

The period of time designated for public participation at a meeting shall not exceed ten minutes unless directed by the Chairman of the meeting (this is in accordance with the parish council’s Standing Orders).

Subject to this, a member of the public shall not speak for more than three minutes.

A question shall not require a response at the meeting, nor start a debate on the question. The Chairman of the meeting may direct that a written or oral response be given.

It may be more appropriate for members of the public to make their representations through the parish council’s “Comments, Complaints, and Compliments” policy and process – more information is available on the parish council’s website – or ask the Clerk. 

Protocol expected for recording or filming 

  • Members of the public are permitted to film or record, but only in a non-disruptive manner.
  • There is an allocated space with designated and reserved seat or seats expressly set aside for anyone wishing to film, record or broadcast the meeting – Chestfield Parish Council expects anyone recording to sit at the designated filming position, and to not roam about.
  • Chestfield Parish Council expects anyone filming to not film the Officers (including the Clerk to the Council) nor the Members of the Public (including children and vulnerable adults unless with express permission from a responsible adult i.e. parent, legal guardian or teacher in the case of a child, or medical professional, carer or legal guardian in the case of a vulnerable adult)
  • Any Parts of the meetings from which the press and public are excluded may not be filmed or recorded.
  • Chestfield Parish Council asks those filming to desist from recording the Adjournment of the meeting.
  • Those exercising the rights to film, record and broadcast must respect the rights of other people attending the meeting under the Data Protection Act 1998.
  • The Chairman of the meeting has the authority to stop a meeting and take appropriate action if any person contravenes these principles or is deemed to be recording in a disruptive manner.
  • Any person choosing to film, record or broadcast any meeting of the Council or a committee is responsible for any claims or other liability from them so doing.
  • The Council asks those recording proceedings not to edit the film or recording in a way that could lead to misinterpretation of the proceedings, or infringe the core values of the Council. This includes refraining from editing an image or views expressed in a way that may ridicule, or show lack of respect towards those being filmed or recorded.

These Terms of Reference are written under KALC legal advice (September 2017)